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SLG Mobile App:

One of our prime objectives is to reduce the time between the inspection and providing meaningful updates to our clients. To accomplish this, we utilize patent pending mobile technologies available for iPhone and Android users. The SLG Mobile App allows our clients to receive immediate and detailed access to the loss information.

This App is used by our field adjusters and provides clients with an initial status report directly from the field. 

Screenshot of SLG mobile APP on mobile phone

The report includes the following:

  • Name of the Adjuster
  • File Number
  • Date and Time Contacted
  • Date and Time Inspected
  • Reserve
  • Client’s Name
  • Videos of the Loss, including:
    • Origin
    • Scope of Damage
    • Overall Condition of the Risk

It has been our experience that by providing this initial “field status update” our clients never have to ask if we have contacted or inspected the loss. They never have to guess the condition of the risk and always have timely in-hand information.

The Straight Line Global Mobile App can be used to interact directly with existing claims systems and with the data and video feeds being populated directly.

SLG Cloud-Based Report Writer:

Straight Line Global has created a cloud-based Report Writer that guarantees the industry’s best customizable reports. The SLG Report Writer provides accurate and consistent written communication that enables our clients to quickly make coverage, SIU and payment decisions. It also enables our claims adjusters to focus their attention on the report content thus spending less time with the administrative and formatting aspects.

The SLG Report Writer is a guided long form narrative report that is built around our client’s individual reporting preferences. The SLG Report Writer ensures that each Straight Line Report contains the specific details that our clients want and need.

The SLG Report Writer is not a checklist and it is not a short form report. It is also not so rigid that the claims professional is limited in the amount of detail they can provide.

The SLG Report Writer is:

  • A customized long form report
  • Cloud based
  • Mobile optimized
  • Compatible with any claim system
  • Logic driven
  • Simple to use
  • No additional cost to our clients

By providing our adjusters and clients with this tool, we are able to continue our efforts to provide the fastest and most thorough reports in the industry.