Industry Proven Straight Line Global Services…

“All Straight Line Global Services are Designed to Increase Accuracy, Speed Processing, Control Loss Expenses, and are Custom Tailored to Your Specific Needs.”

Adjusting of Residential and Commercial Field Claims

SLG is proud to deliver the industry’s most accurate field reporting and a dedicated nationwide team of experienced Daily and CAT claims adjusters. Your organization will appreciate the many benefits of SLG services including: Timely Estimates, Reduced Loss Adjusting Expenses, Increased Indemnity Accuracy, Accelerated Cycle Times, Minimization and Reduction of Supplements, Scalability for Growth or Catastrophic Events, Proven Proprietary Technologies and Confident Results.

Desk Review and Audit

With our experienced nationwide group of Desk Review and Audit professionals, SLG provides professional assistance that ensures Estimating Accuracy, Timely Workflow Progression, and Quality Claims Reporting.

Subrogation Investigation

SLG’s dedicated Loss Recovery Teams are industry recognized experts in working with Corporate Risk Managers and Insurance Carriers wishing to recover lost funds from responsible parties.

Liability Claims Adjusting

Liability claims require a unique approach. At SLG our Liability Claims Team is comprised of experienced industry professionals who are focused on providing a thorough claims investigation while also balancing empathy for the policyholder. From the initial First Notice of Loss through to final resolution of the claim our Liability Adjusters handle recorded statements, scene investigation and documentation, confirm coverage, and identify witnesses as necessary to resolve the claim. 

Custom Tailored (SaaS) and Web Technology

In our recent CAT Survey, more than 90% of the responses indicated that SLG was easier to work with than most other IA firms, with many responding that we were “the easiest IA firm they have ever worked with.” They also expressed total satisfaction with the ease of use and real-time benefits of our patent pending SLG Mobile App and SLG Cloud-Based Report Writer technologies. This dynamic software allows adjusters to respond from the scene quickly, reducing the overall cost of the claim with accurate Scope Overview, Reserve Status and Video Documentation.

Catastrophe Deployment

SLG works with clients throughout the year to provide them with comprehensive catastrophe response strategies. This allows our team of qualified and trained adjusters to be prepared for the next catastrophic event. Following the most recent southeast hurricanes, our CAT Adjuster Survey showed that 90% said, “SLG was great to work with” and that “SLG technologies were easy to use, not cumbersome and allowed for fast and accurate field reporting.”